Y'all Are Dead?

Comics about the finer things in life.

It’s like a massage on your lips and magnum foramen.
Well, that’ll teach him to not mate for life!
Jason got lit for the last Friday the 13th, so he’ll make it up.  
A lot of strippers call for this job, it must be because of that goddamn movie My Girl?
Crisis averted! 
Might be a tad too leathery for me.
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Dedicated to her craft!

Caricature for a stud and a tribute to Al Hirschfeld.

Toilet Humor.  
Sunnygate, a town where neighbors share still.  Enjoy kids. 
The lotion roulette paradox! 
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For those hot summer nights y’all!
Battle of the Bands at Sunnygate High-School.  Click the Sunnygate tag for more comics about this kooky little town!